Mug Rug’s Instruction Review

What is a Mug Rug?  A small, fun to create, mini quilt that is mostly there to look pretty on your desk, table or in your sewing room, and soak up your drink of choice’s drips and condensation, as well as giving you full-on permission to eat some cookies, since that extra space off to the side of your drink is just THERE for you to use.

How big is a Mug Rug?  As big as you want it to be, usually falling somewhere in between the usual size of a coaster and a placemat.  4″x6″-ish to 6″x11″-ish.

How do I make a Mug Rug?  Just like you were making a mini quilt!

There are lot’s of tutorials on the internet, if you just go to google and search mug rugs, you get LOADS of information and images.

Click here for mug rug images.

Here’s a few examples of some tutorials:





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  1. Judy Jackiewicz says: has some pictures of different shaped mug rugs …great place to browse to get some ideas


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